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The Flashcrackers - Fictional Band, Solid Premise


Fell In Oceans


I think the chorus is one of the best things I've ever written. First (and only?) guitar solo since playing in Canter in '92.

Dream Tonight


The first Flashcrackers track. Written from the bassline. The rest is bits hanging on it.

Loud Guitars and Lucky Stars


It's not fair to the song to place too much importance on it, but this marks a return to producing completed songs. It was sketched out almost three years ago, right after finishing Blue Skies. I tried versions of this and some other abandoned tunes using the guitar, piano, bass arrangement, but it was becoming forced. Two guitar rock is in my veins.

Blues Skies Not Black Chemicals


Written while my wife was pregnant with our twin girls. Hastily finished on very little sleep at the end of my time off work after the girls were born.

The Flashcrackers started out consisting of guitar, piano, bass, drums and vocal. I had been writing a lot of "whatever I wanted" and the fictional band premise dictated a consistent set of instruments to write for - something I hadn't had since Curbside Journal.

We have recently fired our piano player and returned to a double axe attack!!